About me

Hey world, my name is Jason and I grew up with my 3 brothers in Richmond Hill.  My parents immigrated here from Guyana and raised us 4 boys in a modest home in lovely Richmond Hill.  I am the third oldest of my brothers or second youngest, however you want to look at it.  Growing up I was very competitive, you had to be when growing up with 3 other brothers.  I always wanted to be better than my older brothers in sports and I never wanted my younger brother to catch up to me.  Baseball was our game, my older brothers had a head start as they are 6 and 8 years older than me, my younger brother by 2 years started around the same time as me but he dropped off quick as he did not like sports like the rest of us.

Looking back I’m glad my older brothers never went easy on me, it helped me excel and play at a high level.  I played rep for Richmond Hill for 5 years until a serious knee injury which kept me sidelined for a year.  I never quite got back into it after that, I got real busy with school and the rest of life.

I now live in Richmond Hill with my lovely wife and 3 children, on my spare time I love to be a handyman around the house and upgrade it whenever I get free time.  Im a salesman by day and a youtube DIY guy on my days off and on the weekends.


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